The Physical Benefits of Play

Play has several benefits (emotional, cognitive and social), but let’s stop and take a moment to consider the ways play can keep you and your children fit and healthy.


1.      Play Builds Strong and Healthy Bodies

Play benefits the body in many ways. Today, there are increasing concerns about childhood inactivity and the devastating effects it has on the body. Engaging in play increases one’s physical activity level, which can reduce risk of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, asthma and other serious health problems including psychological disorders such as depression.  (Source:, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2011)


2.      Helps Fight Childhood Obesity

Children who participate in physical education programs and/or have access to community recreation areas are more likely to be physically active. Increasing opportunities for challenging active play, physical education and recess, as well as the development of community recreation centers in low-income areas, may have an important impact on the greatest health risk facing our children today.  (Source: PtoToday)


3.      Play Helps Develop Motor Skills

The early childhood years can be the most exciting years for your child’s development. Parents being closest to their children during this critical period, can primarily be instrumental in developing their child’s motor skills through play. Parents who exercise gentle guidance through a balanced round of activities, are better able to develop their child’s motor skills effectively. (Source: My Bright Child)


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